A Gift from Samily

patriciaahilman-sam tsui

I was one of Indonesian Samily ♪

Samily was a name of Sam Tsui’s fan. Sam Tsui is an American Youtube artist that very popular with 2,209,063 subscribers. His artworks are about covering and mashing-up songs by US popular artists.

I got a chance to meet and greet him at Youtube FanFest Indonesia yesterday. The chance came from the “give-away” ticket I got from him by filling a questionnaire. The ticket should be exchange to 2 wristband, red for the Fanfest and pink for the meet & greet. Everyone who had the pink wristband with name “Sam Tsui” is allowed to join Meet & Greet session for him. I was so excited! We could talk, laugh, give hug, or kiss on cheek (if you asked), take pictures or even give presents. I did them all but kiss on cheek. Haha can’t ask that. Just can’t.

May be you wonder about what gift that I give to him? The answer is the picture above. Yeah, I made it for him 3 days before the Fanfest was held. Glad to finish and give it directly to him. He looked surprised and happy to accept the gift. Hopefully he’ll open the wrap soon so he could see this drawing 😀

Anyway, if you don’t know him, you should check these links!



Goodbye, Grandma

This early morning my mom got a call from his sister. She said, “We should go seeing Oyo” to my father. Oyo is my grandma’s nickname. She’s my mom’s mother. I had no idea what was going on until my dad called me. “Tis, can you let Ega and Boyan know that Oyo’s gone?” All I could do just by saying, “Okay,” and I started to phone my sister and brother.

I don’t know how old she is. May be around 70 or up. She must be 15-20 years older than my mom, right?

As I remember, she used to wear simple clothes for elderly with beautiful motifs. She didn’t wear t-shirt like we do.

She could speak Sundanese language, but to me, she just used Bahasa. May be she knew that I had no idea with that?

She was really conventional. She didn’t have mobile phone or smart phone.

She had carsick.

Well, umm…I haven’t had much experience with her.

May be I had..when I was toddler but I don’t remember that.

All I know for sure is that she may love me, because she’s never got angry with me. I visited her one or couple weeks ago. She wasn’t sick physically. She was fit, she could walk..even it was slowly, but she looked tired. She also loved laying down on the bed. I actually didn’t know how her feeling was. No one knew. She was just smiling while I talking to her, teasing her..looked like hiding something behind the smile.

I looked for a photo of her this morning and I found her photo in 2013. I think she looked great and happy in this photo.


I hope you’re now happier, Oyo. Have you met Babah there? I hope you both live happily and peacefully. Just support us for being a more solid big family later.

And thank you for being a part of my life 🙂