Beautiful in White – Gereja Katolik (Catholic Church) Santo Laurensius

I went to this church this morning. It is Gereja Katolik (Catolic Church) Santo Laurensius at Alam Sutera, Banten, Indonesia.

It was the second time I’ve been there. But today was my first time for having the eucharistic liturgy here (not at the basement floor, because I arrived early ^^) I was quite amazed. The church is actually smaller than the church I used to go, but this church…looks huge inside! I love the interior, it looks gothic and semi modern. Seems like the cathedral right? Yeah, the church is really beautiful in white ❤

So, it would be good if I save the memory of the place through my phone right? 🙂

Happy Sunday, everyone!


Worked with TAC Craft


TAC Craft is a home company that concern in clay art. The artist and the owner, Satyani, is my sister in law 😀 She is a music teacher in piano classic anyway. She loves art very much. Knowing I’m working in the same field (art), she asked me to join her preparing her booth in a bazaar.

(Note: People in the first photo are my sister and sister in law.)

I prepared some designs to promote her booth there such as charm packaging, chalkboard announcement, price tag, give-away promotion, etc. It’s very interesting! I also got a chance to learn how to make some kind of pastries made of clay 😀


patriciaahilman-bazaar with tac (1) patriciaahilman-bazaar with tac (3) patriciaahilman-bazaar with tac (4)

patriciaahilman - bazaar with taccraft (1)    patriciahilman-clayart by me

tac_chalkboard cs5   patriciaahilman - bazaar with taccraft (2)


The day of bazaar was amazing too! My sister in law took my sister and I to the bazaar on 3 April 2016. The bazaar was awesome! The bazaar was held at Tugu Kuntskring Paleis, Menteng, Jakarta Pusat, Indonesia. The place looks like historical-colonial building and now used for restaurant and art gallery. At the day, people were coming with various style, visiting different kind of vendors and some of them bring their dogs inside!! What a unique experience for me ><


TAC Craft’ contact:
ig: taccraft

My Best Moments in 2015

This year has been really amazing! Many awesome moments happened in 2015 😀

In the beginning of the year I finished my final project to get my bachelor degree. My final project was about redesigning visual identity of a music school, located in Serpong, Banten, Indonesia. This project was finished in one semester without extension time, yeah!
If you haven’t seen my final project, here is the link 🙂

After the project was done, I should take an internship too. Luckily, I could join one of the largest media & publishing company in Indonesia, Kompas Gramedia. Kompas Gramedia has some groups and my internship was in the group of magazine called Gramedia Majalah. Gramedia Majalah is in Jakarta, Indonesia, around 1­―1.5 hours with public transportation from my house. I did my work as graphic designer at nakita editorial department. The product is a tabloid about pregnancy, women’s health and kids’ growth.
Here is my works (part 1 & part 2) for 3 months 🙂

Then, I had a wedding invitation from my cousin, Syarah. She was married with his boyfriend few months ago (I forget the month). It was fun to be asked as…I don’t know the name…but my other cousins and I were welcoming the guests and gave them a thank-you-gift. So I wore a pretty-red-gown and yes, makeup!

When the internship was over, really didn’t know what to do. Today I don’t feel like doin’ anything ♪ I just wanna lay in my bed ♫ Thank God, nakita editorial department called me to help them to finish the deadlines during Ramadhan. So happy that they liked my works, because I think they could hire other graphic designers. Working there was so nice. I love the people, they are so warm-hearted. We also used to get free food! I….really love that! HAHA well, sometimes the people share their food or old friends came to step by. I had worked as a freelance graphic designer there for a month, from June to July. Sure that I got paid. It was a smart good way to fill up my pocket. Anyway, I used to take some selfies too 😛
Here is my other works (part 1 & part 2) 🙂

3 months later, I was called again to help nakita editorial department. My graphic design partner, Ms. Jojo couldn’t come to work because she was going to give birth her baby on November. She’ll be back next January. So I’ll be here for 4 months, 1 month remaining~ This time is a little different than the last time I came neither as a freelance or an intern. Besides layouting and making some illustration, I’ve been dealt with advertorial. I also continued to finish 2016 calendar’s layout that started by Ms. Jojo.
Please check this link out to see my latest works at nakita 🙂

During the last three months of 2015, I had other 2 awesome experiences too!! You must know YouTube FanFest, right? I was so lucky be able to attend Youtube FanFest Indonesia a.k.a. YTFFID! I got a pair of ticket from SAM TSUI!! He offered some pairs of ticket (and they were free!) few weeks before the day. I took my high-school friend, Ijun, to accompany me. It’s started at 5 p.m. untill 10 or 11 p.m. It would be scary if I went by myself. Besides, it’s been a long time no see him, so let’s hangout at the coolest event of the month~ Not only could see the event but we also could meet and greet Sam Tsui 😀 I was extremely happy, that I could talk to him directly and take a picture! Can’t forget his warm hugs 😀
Please see my post about YTFFID here 🙂

The second one was GRADUATION!
Finally, after 4 years studying at Universitas Multimedia Nusantara (UMN), I could see my parents and my sister see me in the academic dress 😀 At least I could proved that my parents’ sacrifice to put me in the college wouldn’t be vain. I’ve had a bachelor degree in design since last November, officially! At the ceremony I was also with my friends from other faculties, even friends of my first class at UMN. Really emotional. Hope I can see this moment again few years later, with my sister in the academic dress 🙂
Anyway, I did the makeup by myself for the ceremony :”> But I went to beauty salon for graduation photo session a week later, I wanted to look better in the photo. Hahaha

Great experiences have come to me this year. Don’t want it stop, but keep running every year ahead!
I have a little list of my wish in 2016. Let’s see what lines will be checked >:D



Anyway, thank you for this collage pictures of my best posts on Instagram!

Happy holiday and Happy New Year, everyone !

My First Youtube Fanfest ! #YTFFID

youtube fanfest_facebook

I just knew about Youtube Fanfest few weeks ago. On 23 October Youtube Fanfest Indonesia #YTFFID was held at Gandaria City. Wow. I checked the website and found many Youtube artists were participated to make it cool. They were SkinnyIndonesia24, Sam Tsui, Kurt Hugo Schneider, Bethany Mota, GAC (Gamaliel, Audrey, Cantika), Eka Gustiawana, Edho Zell, Mike Tompkins, Macy Kate, Indovidgram, The Overtunes, Jakarta BeatBox, Cheryl Raissa,  Linda Kayhz, Natasha Farani, Jebe & Patricia and Young Lex. Knowing that my favorite idol was one of the #YTFFID talent, I was so excited to watch it. I thought it was ticketless or maybe free. But when I check the website few days later, they said the tickets were sold out 😐 Okay. May be it’s not my luck.

So I moved on and forgot it. Until, my favorite idol posted this on his Instagram.



The next day, I got an email that told me THAT I GOT THE TICKET! It wasn’t a ticket for general admission only, but also a ticket for MEET & GREET SAM TSUI!! D: The ticket was also for 2 persons. I was super-duper excited. I really like how he sing a song and how he bring himself. I really wanted to meet him but I had some problems. My parents couldn’t let me go by myself. The event will be at Gandaria City, which is at Jakarta Selatan. It takes around 2-3 hours from my home, Tangerang. It also would be finished around 10. I am also a freelance-employee at one of company at Jakarta Barat. I was afraid if I have lots of task to do. My sister, Kathlyn, cheered me up to not give up because we’ll never know when he will come to Indonesia where I able to meet him.

So I started to arrange a plan: who will I ask to accompany me, how to get there, how to get home and how to get permission to get home early from workplace. I told the details to my parents on Sunday. I had asked Ijun (my friend) to accompany me. Then, we will take bus Transjakarta. We will take the bus again and train to get home. Anyway, he’s an expert in Jakarta’s public transport. The sad thing I said to them was, “The Fanfest will be over at 10, but we’ll get out at 9. So you both shouldn’t be worried I get home too late.” Then, I got the permissions from them, also my editor. Tomorrow morning, I went to Kota Kasablanka/KoKas ― it was my first time to go to KoKas ― to exchange the ticket with #YTFFID wristbands. One step closer to the event 😀


Able to meet our favorite idol is a great thing, right? So, I started thinking what I can give to him beside the presence as a fan. I decided to make a drawing of him like what I usually do and finished it in 3 days. I really hope he likes it.

patriciaahilman-sam tsui

At the great day ― YESTERDAY ―I got the venue with my friend, Ijun. We were like a traveler because we didn’t know the place. Haha but we arrived on time at the hall and many people had already been there. Full of crews, youths and GIRLS ! :0 I could see some boys only. Everybody was on the line waiting for meet & greet their idols. Sometimes I heard people especially girls screamed like crazy and I was like “…oh my God”. It felt like trapped in teenagers’ club :))

After 20-30 minutes, some groups of fans was sent to the other room to meet their own idols. I saw some Youtube artists there. They look great, including Sam Tsui. I was on the line at the room and ….he was there! When it was like 4-5 people to go, my heart was beating up D: Wow. He is really here and I’ll greet him! But how long will we have to talk? Then, I found that wow, it was really fun to meet and greet him. Sam was very warm and friendly. We did shake hands and warm hugs. I also didn’t forget to give the present and he looked so happy! Who isn’t excited getting presents? I thanked him for the ticket and how I feel about that. I also asked about how many songs would he present that night. He said, “I’ll sing 3 songs …. the end of the show.” Hmm.. Not long after that, a man asked me, “Mbak, mau foto nggak?” which means, ” Miss, do you wanna take pictures or not?” Then I realized that my time was running out 😐 “Sure,” I answered. So I have this nice picture. Well, I wouldn’t ask him to kiss me or vice versa like some girls did. Haha warm hug is enough for me 🙂

patriciaahilman-with sam tsui

After having Meet & Greet session and meals yeah ― we were hungry ― Ijun and I come back to the hall, waiting for the stage open. The hall had more people inside, and people kept coming through the entrance :0 We all wait the open gate at 7.30 pm. Then, the crew directed all of the fans to the festival well and wow.. This is what called “festival” :0 Lights everywhere. Hundreds of people everywhere. Music theme everywhere. Screams everywhere. The screen was also ready. We waited till all the fans came in, then waited for the lights turn dark & the music fade out. When they did, oh my God, people around me screamed louder. I just closed my ears and joined to scream :))


About one hour at the beginning, the festival was open by Edho Zell and Eka Gustiawana. Then, followed by Skinny Indonesia 24 (Jovial da Lopez & Andovi da Lopez), Chandra Liow, The Overtunes, Natasha Farani and Mike Tompkins. It was 9 pm and Sam Tsui hadn’t perform yet. Don’t say that what he said before was he’ll really be on stage at the last session till the end of the event. I thought he’ll perform at the middle and at the end. Maybe his fans was huge at the festival, that was why his perform was placed at the last session. I still feel sad because I couldn’t see him perform live. Couldn’t break my words to my parents to leave the Fanfest at 9 :\ So I leave the party earlier with Ijun. Cheered myself that at least I could meet him personally and said how happy I was to be there.

patriciaahilman-ytffid-2    patriciaahilman-ytffid-1

I got home at 11.15 and it was really tiring. But I know it was a great experience. I rarely come to music festival or music concert before, budget problem :/ Unless I got free ticket from anyone it is possible to come. Beside the voices “AAAAAAAAAA…” drove me nuts, Youtube Fanfest Indonesia was really amazing!! Thank you so much for all crews, talents and sponsors to make this happen and free of charge 😀

Bikin NPWP Yuk!

Apa sih NPWP? NPWP adalah singkatan dari Nomor Pokok Wajib Pajak. Maksudnya?

how to make npwp_patriciaahilman

NPWP, bisa dibilang merupakan identitas lain milik kita di dunia kerja. Ketika kita mulai bekerja di perusahaan wajib pajak, pasti akan muncul pertanyaan, “Kamu sudah punya NPWP?”. Saya baru membuatnya hari ini, persiapan untuk kerja bulan depan. Saya belum tahu pasti bagaimana cara kerja NPWP di dunia pekerjaan saya. Setahu saya, dengan NPWP kita dapat membayar pajak dari penghasilan kita. Mungkin akan ada artikel sambungan tentang NPWP di blog saya nanti 🙂

Wajib pajak terdiri dari 2 jenis, yaitu wajib pajak orang pribadi dan wajib pajak badan/perusahaan. Untuk membuat NPWP orang pribadi, diperlukan beberapa syarat kelengkapan, seperti:

  • fotokopi KTP pribadi
  • fotokopi KTP istri/suami
  • fotokopi Kartu Keluarga
  • formulir pendaftaran wajib pajak

Dua hari lalu, saya mendaftar wajib pajak orang pribadi hanya dengan membawa formulir pendaftaran wajib pajak dan fotokopi KTP pribadi. Bagi mereka yang belum menikah dan ingin membuat NPWP, cukup membawa fotokopi KTP pribadi. Jangan lupa bawa aslinya, kalau-kalau verifikasi berkas diperlukan.

Permohonan pembuatan NPWP dapat dilakukan secara online maupun offline. Permohonan secara online dapat dilakukan di situs ini, sedangkan permohonan secara offline dapat dilakukan langsung di Kantor Pelayanan Pajak (KPP) yang lokasinya disesuaikan dengan kecamatan domisili KTP. Berikut adalah tautan yang berisikan daftar KPP beserta daftar kecamatan yang diurus di masing-masing KPP.

Jika ingin mendaftar secara offline, sebaiknya menggunakan formulir pendaftaran yang disediakan KPP (bukan yang diunduh dari internet), karena formulir tersebut memiliki kop surat KPP yang bersangkutan. Formulir tersebut dapat diminta pada front desk di KPP (biasanya ada petugas atau satpam yang melayani).

Namun, pembuatan secara offline lebih dianjurkan karena untuk mendapatkan kartu NPWP, pemohon harus datang ke KPP. Antrian pemohon NPWP juga tidak sampai berjam-jam. Setiap pemohon kira-kira menghabiskan waktu ± 5 menit saat mengurus aplikasi dan langsung mendapatkan kartu NPWP saat permohonan selesai. Perlu diingat, jam pelayanan NPWP orang pribadi berlangsung pada pukul 8.00 – 12.00 WIB, sedangkan untuk pelayanan lainnya dilakukan pada pukul 13.00-16.00 WIB.

Pembuatan NPWP ini tidak dipungut biaya atau dengan kata lain, GRATIS. NPWP yang sudah terdaftar juga akan berlaku seumur hidup, sehingga tidak memerlukan perpanjangan kartu atau semacamnya. Seiring berlakunya wajib pajak tersebut, kewajiban pemilik NPWP muncul. Berdasarkan informasi yang saya dapat dari teman atau internet, inti kewajibannya adalah menyampaikan SPT (Surat Pemberitahuan Tahunan) sebagai laporan pertanggungjawaban pajak yang bersangkutan setiap tahun.

Mari mulai belajar bayar pajak! 🙂


Freelance at Tabloid Nakita, Kompas Gramedia Group of Magazine (Part 2)

After did the intenrship, I was called to come back to the office then I was asked to help them finishing some works before Eid al-Fitr I had became a freelancer there since June 23. My works was not really different while I was an intern. Layouting and making some illustrations. I also made e-books. Those e-books were about baby’s meal :9

Here are some pages of them..


Freelance at Tabloid Nakita, Kompas Gramedia Group of Magazine (Part 1)

After did the internship, I was called to come back to the office then I was asked to help them finishing some works before Eid al-Fitr I had became a freelancer there since June 23. My works was not really different while I was an intern. Layouting and making some illustrations. I also made a design in small banner size “Happy Eid al-Fitr” for the masthead.

Here are some of my works.