Worked with TAC Craft


TAC Craft is a home company that concern in clay art. The artist and the owner, Satyani, is my sister in law 😀 She is a music teacher in piano classic anyway. She loves art very much. Knowing I’m working in the same field (art), she asked me to join her preparing her booth in a bazaar.

(Note: People in the first photo are my sister and sister in law.)

I prepared some designs to promote her booth there such as charm packaging, chalkboard announcement, price tag, give-away promotion, etc. It’s very interesting! I also got a chance to learn how to make some kind of pastries made of clay 😀


patriciaahilman-bazaar with tac (1) patriciaahilman-bazaar with tac (3) patriciaahilman-bazaar with tac (4)

patriciaahilman - bazaar with taccraft (1)    patriciahilman-clayart by me

tac_chalkboard cs5   patriciaahilman - bazaar with taccraft (2)


The day of bazaar was amazing too! My sister in law took my sister and I to the bazaar on 3 April 2016. The bazaar was awesome! The bazaar was held at Tugu Kuntskring Paleis, Menteng, Jakarta Pusat, Indonesia. The place looks like historical-colonial building and now used for restaurant and art gallery. At the day, people were coming with various style, visiting different kind of vendors and some of them bring their dogs inside!! What a unique experience for me ><


TAC Craft’ contact:
ig: taccraft


A Gift from Samily

patriciaahilman-sam tsui

I was one of Indonesian Samily ♪

Samily was a name of Sam Tsui’s fan. Sam Tsui is an American Youtube artist that very popular with 2,209,063 subscribers. His artworks are about covering and mashing-up songs by US popular artists.

I got a chance to meet and greet him at Youtube FanFest Indonesia yesterday. The chance came from the “give-away” ticket I got from him by filling a questionnaire. The ticket should be exchange to 2 wristband, red for the Fanfest and pink for the meet & greet. Everyone who had the pink wristband with name “Sam Tsui” is allowed to join Meet & Greet session for him. I was so excited! We could talk, laugh, give hug, or kiss on cheek (if you asked), take pictures or even give presents. I did them all but kiss on cheek. Haha can’t ask that. Just can’t.

May be you wonder about what gift that I give to him? The answer is the picture above. Yeah, I made it for him 3 days before the Fanfest was held. Glad to finish and give it directly to him. He looked surprised and happy to accept the gift. Hopefully he’ll open the wrap soon so he could see this drawing 😀

Anyway, if you don’t know him, you should check these links!