Merry Christmas ^^



First of all, MERRY CHRISTMAS, friends ! HAPPY HOLIDAY ^^


My sister in law held a weekend workshop few weeks ago and I decided to join. Not as a participant, but as an tutor’s assistant. She was going to teach children making Santa Claus made of clay. She gave me a lesson the day before like a private workshop 😛


The first trial was good enough as you see it at the pic above. Well, thank God, it didn’t look bad in the photo. Haha so I kept the pic and prepared it for this Christmas. Some editing for brightness & contrast and also replace the background to make it more ‘Christmas’. Hope you like both of them 😀


Throwback: A Month before Christmas

Before December came, I was soooo interested to make some illustration about Christmas! I think my Christmas spirit was quite big at the time. Haha then I try to pick 3 headlines about it like:

  • it’s beginning to look a lot like christmas
  • i’ll be home for christmas
  • all i want for christmas

Sounds like song title, huh? Haha well, when Christmas is coming, I usually play my Christmas playlist, Michael Buble’s Christmas songs  ♪♫♪♫

After the headlines were picked, I started to make the ideas. The ideas were all about how to illustrate those headlines in simple and cute ways. I hope the illustration will be acceptable by everyone, not for adults only but also for kids/teenagers. I also arranged the posting date for each headline which was in every week.

Soo… Merry Christmas, everyone ! 🙂

Christmas Spirit by patriciaahilman