Ps. Lama, 31 Mei 2015

Ceritanya, hari ini habis ikutan acara gathering bareng temen-temen Indonesia’s Sketchers. Kali ini bikin sket di kawasan Ps. Lama, Tangerang, Banten. Ketemu temen-temen baru lagi dan bikin gambar baru lagi deh, setelah sekian lama ._.

patriciaahilman_psLama_1   patriciaahilman_psLama_2  patriciaahilman_psLama_3


My First Desk at My First Internship


I am a graphic design intern at a publishing company. I get an office room at editorial department. Cool! I have my own desk and it’s quite different to my desk at home. At the office, the desk is like partition desk. The computer is iMac ! :0 Beside the iMac, there is a Canon printer. The blank papers are there below the desk. Here is a picture of my sketch of my office desk while I was having more leisure time after finished the work.


my sketches, using pencil

just a simple sketch, my friends..Kevin and Ijo.Image 


robert pattinson, isn’t it? :))



my friend and…justin bieber? 😛





even i drew my ex-boyfriend. lol



this is my nephew, julian 😀




my class-friends at Universitas Multimedia Nusantara in the first year.




the last..the left and the right seem different 😐Image

they are me. lol


thanks for seeing this post anyway 😀