Welcome Baby!

A gift for a newborn baby of my sister. When they have grown up then see this photo, I hope he’ll like it ๐Ÿ˜Š


Merry Christmas ^^



First of all, MERRY CHRISTMAS, friends ! HAPPY HOLIDAY ^^


My sister in law held a weekend workshop few weeks ago and I decided to join. Not as a participant, but as an tutor’s assistant. She was going to teach children making Santa Claus made of clay. She gave me a lesson the day before like a private workshop ๐Ÿ˜›


The first trial was good enough as you see it at the pic above. Well, thank God, it didn’t look bad in the photo. Haha so I kept the pic and prepared it for this Christmas. Some editing for brightness & contrast and also replace the background to make it more ‘Christmas’. Hope you like both of them ๐Ÿ˜€

Working at MOR Store


MOR Store is a convenient store which not only sells grocery but also some kind of food. I had joined there for 6 months, since May 2016. It’s good to know and get experience about working at retail company.



I worked as marketing staff, focusing on graphic design. With my supervisor, we created and maintained every POS either printed or digital, which are available in their period. I used to editing photo of food/beverage, designing posters/ shelf-talkers/ banners/ headers/ digital posts/ catalogues, and also relayouting them for website.

Besides, I also did other jobs like met the supplier andย organised what POS the store needed, then distributed them through our LDC team.


Hari Buah (Fruit Day)

dsc_0520edI got a new project for celebrating Fruits Day at the largest media & publishing company’s group in Indonesia. The company’s group usually holds Fruit Day or Hari Buah every three months. They needed new design property and tagline for “wellness program”. The previous one used a wrong tagline and I think I should give a new look. What I should do was make 3 designs: 1 for backdrop, 1 for x-banner and 1 for 8 stickers. I was really excited! I had
a plan to make every employee loves the display and want to take some photos with it. The developing concept process was fun even I did it by myself. Here are my designs.



wp-1460108285683.jpeg wp-1460108193253.jpeg