GFS Home Furnishing and Dim Sum

GFS is one of my company’s subsidiary. GFS itself is a business in fome furnishing and also has a little cafe in it. The cafe provides coffee, tea and dim sum! My projects here was redesign their menu book, place mat, then preparing a banner to promote their cafe.



Hari Buah (Fruit Day)

dsc_0520edI got a new project for celebrating Fruits Day at the largest media & publishing company’s group in Indonesia. The company’s group usually holds Fruit Day or Hari Buah every three months. They needed new design property and tagline for “wellness program”. The previous one used a wrong tagline and I think I should give a new look. What I should do was make 3 designs: 1 for backdrop, 1 for x-banner and 1 for 8 stickers. I was really excited! I had
a plan to make every employee loves the display and want to take some photos with it. The developing concept process was fun even I did it by myself. Here are my designs.



wp-1460108285683.jpeg wp-1460108193253.jpeg

2 Projects, 3 Artworks, in One Week


patriciaahilman-buku soppatriciaahilman-kalender sop

I was hired as a freelance graphic designer at Human Resources Development Department of Gramedia Majalah (Kompas Gramedia Group of Magazine) about 3 weeks ago. At the first time they contacted me in the middle of March, they said they need stunning output at least before the month ends.

I was involved in 2 projects: 1) internship program ad; 2) standard operational procedure of training & development. The first project’s final output is print ad and digital ad on social media. The second project’s final outputs are book and kinda “calendar-book”.

At first, I tried to make design with chalkboard style. You know, the dark background with colorful content. Then, the color style I used in the end was the brighter one, with bright background and blue as the dominant color (the color of the company group).

Those projects were done in 8 workdays. I’m so happy that I could help them through my artworks. Hope many students will be interested to join their internship program and new comers in their department could learn the Standard Operational Procedure of Training & Development well 🙂