Happy Birthday, Little Niece!


A month ago my cousin got a new baby. The baby is a girl, named Aurora. Then I made this pic for her bornday gift. Hope she’ll like it one day 😀


Hari Buah (Fruit Day)

dsc_0520edI got a new project for celebrating Fruits Day at the largest media & publishing company’s group in Indonesia. The company’s group usually holds Fruit Day or Hari Buah every three months. They needed new design property and tagline for “wellness program”. The previous one used a wrong tagline and I think I should give a new look. What I should do was make 3 designs: 1 for backdrop, 1 for x-banner and 1 for 8 stickers. I was really excited! I had
a plan to make every employee loves the display and want to take some photos with it. The developing concept process was fun even I did it by myself. Here are my designs.



wp-1460108285683.jpeg wp-1460108193253.jpeg

Info-graphic about Children’s Growth


It was my first time to make info-graphic for Tabloid Nakita 😀

The info-graphic is about children’s growth such as length, weight and attitudes of most children based on their ages. The information was written by Irfan Hasuki, a journalist Nakita Editorial Dept. At this project, I made the visual design, including the illustration.

Throwback: A Month before Christmas

Before December came, I was soooo interested to make some illustration about Christmas! I think my Christmas spirit was quite big at the time. Haha then I try to pick 3 headlines about it like:

  • it’s beginning to look a lot like christmas
  • i’ll be home for christmas
  • all i want for christmas

Sounds like song title, huh? Haha well, when Christmas is coming, I usually play my Christmas playlist, Michael Buble’s Christmas songs  ♪♫♪♫

After the headlines were picked, I started to make the ideas. The ideas were all about how to illustrate those headlines in simple and cute ways. I hope the illustration will be acceptable by everyone, not for adults only but also for kids/teenagers. I also arranged the posting date for each headline which was in every week.

Soo… Merry Christmas, everyone ! 🙂

Christmas Spirit by patriciaahilman